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BIM Lab: Leg Raise with Hip Abduction

We love this exercise. Not only does it challenge both your anterior core and your lateral hip stability. It also helps you improve your hip mobility. Specifically your hip flexion.

Another benefit has to do with HOW this exercise is completed. As you can see in the video, a Leg Raise with Hip Abduction is completed in an unloaded position—lying down as opposed to standing. Performing an exercise like this can provide you with an opportunity to focus on keeping your pelvis in a good position, while helping you learn how to engage your stabilizing muscles with control.

Give it a try and please comment if you have any questions.


  1. Keep your legs straight at all times
  2. Apply constant gentle pressure with the outside of your foot to the ball
  3. Keep your lower back position neutral or slightly flattened to ensure your lower abdominals stay engaged
  4. Keep your ribs set (pulled down and in)
  5. Keep your palms up (preferably)

You should feel this exercise in the side of your hip (gluteus medius) closest to the wall as well as in your abdominals (lower and obliques).

Use this exercises as a priming exercise in the beginning of your workout or as a stabilizing exercise at the end. We like to program for 3×8-12 for priming work, and 3×12-15 for more fatiguing stabilizing work.

Comment if you have questions!

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