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The BIM Experience


When you surround yourself with people who inspire you to be great, you discover motivation you didn’t know was there. You suddenly understand that EVERYONE has to fight to get where they want to be, and you find inspiration to just keep pushing yourself toward your goals.

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What is the BIM Experience?

The BIM Experience is the cultural environment that you will step into when you first come to the Balance In Motion studio.

These are some of the words that our amazing clients have used to describe it.

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We always put YOU first – tailoring a program based specifically around YOUR needs and YOUR body so you can achieve goals you never thought possible while keeping you free from injury.
We teach you how to do each exercise THE RIGHT WAY so you never feel unsure or left behind. Our coaches are always there for YOU, whether you need a boost or have a question. We want you to succeed.
The BIM community is welcoming, friendly and totally NOT intimidating like everywhere else. We embrace the differences in every person who joins our family, and we foster an environment that makes everyone part of something bigger - achieving true fitness and overall health.
As soon as you walk into our studio we consider you family. We work hard but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our coaches make sure you feel at home before we get to work, and we’re with you every step of the way.
We understand the motivation to exercise is hard to find. Our coaches inspire you to embrace the hard work it takes to get fit and healthy, and also have fun at the same time. We make your workout easier by showing you how to efficiently direct your time and energy toward a guaranteed outcome, and we celebrate the milestones along the way.
No matter your mood when you enter our studio, you’ll always leave with a smile. From our coaches and clients to the gym dogs who hang out in our foyer, BIM is known for its warm and positive energy.

Client Testimonials

  • Andrea is a delight to work with. I have had lower back and posture issues that required visits to the physio every couple of months for the last 20 years. Andrea got me off my “old school, weights and machine” workout and developed a program for me that focused on my core. Every exercise is well thought out and purposeful, and her assessment is much more detailed than anything that I have experienced before.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea for injury rehabilitation, ergonomic analysis, sports specific training, or general training for overall wellness.

    Dick Simmonds
    BIM client
  • I have been extremely pleased with the quality of training that I receive from Andrea. Not only is she a great trainer, she is also a very nice person—always upbeat and encouraging. She has developed my program to focus on my joint issues, as well as my core strength and love of golf. Andrea always keeps the weekly sessions fresh and challenging—she builds your program specifically around your personal goals or problems. She even designs workouts for me when I travel, to make sure I continue to stay active.

    Caroline Bruce
    PhD & BIM client
  • Andrea Lawson from Balance In Motion is a very thorough trainer who takes the time to inquire about how you are feeling with EVERY appointment and alters your exercises to aid in your recovery. Her expertise will make you confident and trust that she knows what form of exercise is best for you. Without her ongoing care and dedication I would not have recovered to the point where I am now. I continue to see Andrea on a weekly basis because she is a fantastic trainer who comes up with new and diverse exercise routines.

    Courtney Neish
    BIM client
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