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We appreciate each and every client who comes through our doors, and give it our all to ensure that their experience matches the quality that we are known for.
Andrea Lawson
Founder of Balance In Motion
I love the workout routine you set up for me. Between the TPI and the Gym Programs, I am noticing significant results in my body composition and golfwise, a nice increase in clubhead speed (5-10%) in my golf swing as the kinematic sequence is firing so much more efficiently.
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2010 where I suffered various soft tissue injuries. I started seeing Balance In Motion two years later as my doctor recommended further active rehabilitation sessions as part of my treatment. Training with BIM has been a GREAT experience and my condition has improved dramatically as a result of our sessions. I highly recommend Balance In Motion to anyone requiring active rehabilitation treatments.
I have to give credit to Balance In Motion. Their training and nutrition Lunch and Learns have created a platform for people to actually change their lifestyle and behaviours so they can get in shape for the long-term. I haven’t experienced this type of facilitation in all the years that we have been hosting core and bootcamp programs. Hats off!
Over the past year, Balance In Motion has helped me regain strength that I have lost due to my chronic pain condition. They regularly assess and modify my program to meet my current abilities and goals. I appreciate the trainers support when I have setbacks and their enthusiasm when I succeed. We have been able to shift from rehabilitation of my upper back to focus on strength training of my whole body.
Being a software developer really impacted my health and fitness, and as a result I wasn’t able to improve my golf swing for a long time due to flexibility and strength issues. However, Andrea is a great trainer who makes boring exercises fun and rewarding. Not only has she helped me improved my golf game tremendously, I am also able to live a healthier lifestyle now thanks to her effective training program. I used to hate exercising, but not anymore. Now, I’m motivated to train, and I know I will be ready for the summer golf and beach season!
Andrea Lawson is a Kinesiologist extraordinaire, she’s knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend Andrea’s expertise to anyone who has been injured in an accident and is in need of a individualized rehabilitation program. I have made measurable gains in my mobility and my quality of life has improved by following my rehabilitation program. Thank you, Andrea!

Heading into my early 60s I realized that I needed to work with a really competent trainer to protect my joints, stay flexible and be mobile.

It was very important to me to ensure that I could continue to enjoy all the activities I do and maintain full mobility. Having several previous injuries (from earlier sporting activities) it was important to me to find a trainer that was knowledgeable about how to work with, and motivate, clients with complex movement limitations, or restrictions. I looked around for a really experienced trainer and found Andrea – she has been my trainer for almost 3 years now.

I have been extremely pleased with the quality of training that I receive from Andrea. Not only is she a great trainer, she is also a very nice person—always upbeat and encouraging. She has developed my program to focus on my joint issues, as well as my core strength and love of golf. Andrea always keeps the weekly sessions fresh and challenging—she builds your program specifically around your personal goals or problems. She even designs workouts for me when I travel, to make sure I continue to stay active.

Andrea is extremely knowledgeable, plus she continues to follows up on new equipment, or exercise theories for specific sports, such as golf. With her excellent qualifications, experience and knowledge she is so great at designing your exercises to focus on your area of injury, or sport of choice.

After a car accident left me with soft tissue damage that forced me to stop working, it was clear that I needed to seek the help of a professional. Andrea Lawson from Balance In Motion is a very thorough trainer who takes the time to inquire about how you are feeling with EVERY appointment and alters your exercises to aid in your recovery. Her expertise will make you confident and trust that she knows what form of exercise is best for you. Without her ongoing care and dedication I would not have recovered to the point where I am now. I continue to see Andrea on a weekly basis because she is a fantastic trainer who comes up with new and diverse exercise routines.
Andrea and her team have worked with me to help correct muscle imbalances and improve my overall strength. Her use of the “Functional Movement Screen” has helped me to stay on track by giving me a score that I can improve upon. It is always motivating to see how your numbers improve in a relatively short period of time of working with her. Her fitness plans, built around my bodies inefficiencies and the FMS score, quickly get me to the point where injuries are no longer happening. Working with Andrea keep me from resorting to visiting Chiropractors and Physiotherapists often.

First and foremost, Andrea is a delight to work with. I have had lower back and posture issues that required visits to the physio every couple of months for the last 20 years. Andrea got me off my “old school, weights and machine” workout and developed a program for me that focused on my core. Every exercise is well thought out and purposeful, and her assessment is much more detailed than anything that I have experienced before. Now my workouts are strategically designed to build muscle in a manner that will deliver “functional” results. I still play a lot of golf and tennis and a strong core is critical for me to strengthen my back and give me more power for both golf and tennis.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea for injury rehabilitation, ergonomic analysis, sports specific training, or general training for overall wellness.

Under Andrea’s care I feel great, I no longer have to see a physio on a regular basis for my back. I also hit the golf ball an extra 20 yards and I recently won a singles tennis tournament and fully expect to win many more!

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Watch Jessica’s Story: A Real Client Testimonial.