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Our Approach


We produce the results you want while reducing your risk of injury so that you can be healthier, move and perform better, and ultimately, LIVE better.

Andrea Lawson

We combine the principles of Kinesiology with Strength and Conditioning Training.

Our Training Approach

Most people think their workout needs to be super intense in order to be effective. We reject that idea, because there’s so much more to getting fit and healthy than pushing yourself too hard with no focus or direction.

All our coaches are kinesiologists, so our approach is centered around what YOUR particular body needs based on science and the mechanics of human movement.

Come on in for a FREE assessment. Tell us your goals and we’ll identify any movement limitations you may have.

We then design a tailored program just for YOU that improves your mobility, corrects any imbalances, increases your strength, builds your endurance and tones your muscles. We also make sure you build a strong frame to prevent injury.

Whatever your health or fitness goal, we’re ALWAYS going to make sure you’re moving the right way so we can address and avoid any injuries or imbalances.

Our Training Process

What you can expect
Strategy SessionWe sit down with you to discuss your relevant medical history, goals and any hurdles that you may have experienced in the past.
Postural AssessmentWe assess your posture and administer tests to determine the location of your muscular imbalances and anywhere you may be lacking stability or mobility.
Movement AssessmentWe use a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to identify any functional limitations and/or asymmetries present in your body.
Customized Exercise ProgrammingWe prepare a personalized plan that specifically addresses all of the imbalances and restrictions revealed in your initial assessment.
Managed Coaching
We work with you to reach your training goals, teach you how to perform each exercise and use our equipment, all while monitoring your progress and adjusting your program as targets are met.
ReassessmentEvery four weeks we reassess you to make sure that you are achieving your desired results and not developing any new imbalances or weaknesses.

We fix you before we build you up.

Our Corrective Approach

We take a corrective approach to treating pain and dysfunction, which means we:

  • Re-establish proper movement and function and strength so you move better
  • Progress your program at a pace that works for YOU and reduces the chance of future injury
  • Teach you the fundamentals of fitness so that you know how to move and why it’s important

Our strategy is NOT a quick fix. Balance In Motion is for people who want to significantly improve their life, for the rest of their life.

Our Three-Tiered Approach

We focus on building up three core fitness areas…


Your Movement

  • We assess your general posture, joint range of motion and current movement capacity to determine capabilities and/or weaknesses.
  • We establish a strong foundation by ensuring your core muscles and movement patterns support a proper range of motion and joint stability.
  • We strategically design a progressive program for YOUR body to correct and avoid future dysfunction.


Your Mindset

  • We listen and work with you to figure out what’s working and what’s not.
  • We don’t advise you to make a BIG change right out of the gate, but empower you to achieve smaller ones, one after another, which add up to big change.


Your Nutrition

  • We work with you to build a personalized nutrition plan that you’ll be able to realistically adhere to.
  • We suggest strategic changes in eating habits, rather than trying to eat perfectly all the time.
  • We teach you the best foods to support your training and body transformation goals.

Client Testimonials

  • The trainers have the knowledge to select the right exercises and programs to improve my functional strength and ability. They can tell me how to do this exercise or variation safely and how that will benefit and add to my regime. Finally, they can tell me why this exercise can help me get to the next level of my training and achieve my goals.

    Ruby Carr
    BIM client
  • I have been extremely pleased with the quality of training that I receive from Andrea. Not only is she a great trainer, she is also a very nice person—always upbeat and encouraging. She has developed my program to focus on my joint issues, as well as my core strength and love of golf. Andrea always keeps the weekly sessions fresh and challenging—she builds your program specifically around your personal goals or problems. She even designs workouts for me when I travel, to make sure I continue to stay active.

    Caroline Bruce
    PhD & BIM client
  • Andrea Lawson from Balance In Motion is a very thorough trainer who takes the time to inquire about how you are feeling with EVERY appointment and alters your exercises to aid in your recovery. Her expertise will make you confident and trust that she knows what form of exercise is best for you. Without her ongoing care and dedication I would not have recovered to the point where I am now. I continue to see Andrea on a weekly basis because she is a fantastic trainer who comes up with new and diverse exercise routines.

    Courtney Neish
    BIM client
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