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Strength Training


Strength Training

Reshape your body and safely build your physical strength

Your muscles hold you together, not your bones. Whether you want to be stronger so that you can improve your overall mobility, be able to deadlift 500 pounds, cut down your body fat or look like a superhero, our Strength Training program will get you there safely.

What's Included

Strategy Session

The first step in our training process, we sit down with you to discuss your relevant medical history, goals and lifestyle to make sure we have a clear picture of what you need to get the results that you want.

Fitness Assessment

We do a postural screen, muscle imbalance testing, and a Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) to help us identify any imbalances, past or present injuries and/or faulty movement patterns that could hold you back from reaching your goals.

Customized Exercise Programming

Your Strength Training program is custom-tailored to you. We combine proven strength training methods with the principles of Kinesiology to build you a program that addresses your imbalances and re-establishes proper movement techniques.

Corrective Exercises

As kinesiologists, we never put fitness on top of dysfunction. Instead we focus on establishing a solid foundation so that you can lift with technical proficiency and without the risk of injury.

Productive Strength Training

To improve your performance we strategically select exercises that will get you stronger, advance you progressively as your strength improves and ensure you maintain joint stability within an appropriate range of motion.

Technical Proficiency

We start by teaching you the foundational movements (push, lift, pull, carry). Making sure you’re proficient in those movements before progressing your training will help keep you injury-free for the long run.

Systematic Training

Strength training is all about building up your weak areas and respecting your body’s ability to adapt. We systematically periodize your training (specifically the intensity and volume) to maximize your strength gains and reduce your chance of injury.

Kinesiologist Support

Our team of kinesiologists are on hand to help ensure your safety and maximize your results. They will show you how to perform each exercise properly, teach you how to use our equipment and reassess your program as goals are met.

Injury Prevention

Once an injury has occurred, you are at a higher risk for reinjury. We take preventative measures to reduce your risk of injury. By addressing your weaknesses we can minimize setbacks and keep you training.

Safe + Empowering Environment

We hold you accountable to your goals while providing you with the hands-on support that you need to achieve them in an empowering and judgement-free environment.

Our Strength Training Process

What you can expect
Strategy SessionWe sit down with you to discuss your medical history, sport and training goals and any hurdles you may be experiencing.
We assess your posture – administering a few tests to determine the location of your muscular imbalances and where you lack stability and/or mobility.
We administer a Functional Movement Screen (FMSTM) to identify any functional limitations and/or asymmetries present in your body.
Exercise Programming
We build you a strength training program that addresses your imbalances to build up your weak areas and develop your strength.
Managed Coaching
We keep you safe from injury and advance your programming as goals are met to keep you from plateauing.
ReassessmentWe reassess you every three to four weeks to make sure that you are achieving your goals and not developing any new imbalances or weaknesses.

Our Strength Training Formula

We get you stronger by presenting your muscles with the stimulation they need to change.

Your muscles
Your muscle tissue
To the increased demand

Why Strength Train?

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Your muscles will adapt to the repeated demand you place on them over time. Without that added demand, you will see no change to the tissue.

Essentially, you will find yourself at a physical plateau.

In order to become stronger, you need to present your muscles with consistent stimulus so that they can break down, rebuild and adapt to the increased demand.

Your muscles are designed to do what is required. If there is zero or minimal stimulus to your muscles they will shrink. This is known as muscle atrophy. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle can be at risk.


The Benefits/

Click or tap each tile to learn how Strength Training can help you achieve these common fitness goals.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

  • Helps you maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Corrects the muscular imbalances that keep you from seeing results.
  • Improves/boosts your metabolism.
  • Gives you the capacity and structural support to be able to move better.

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

  • Improves your physical strength, allowing you to move faster, jump higher, throw or hit further and perform better.
  • Increases your power production.
  • Increases your muscular endurance.
  • Corrects the muscular imbalances that may be resulting in less than desirable performance.
  • Reduces your chance of injury.

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

  • Corrects the muscular imbalances that may be causing recurring pain and injury or resulting in less than desirable performance.
  • Reduces your chance of future injury.
  • Improves bone density.
  • Prevents the loss of lean mass.
  • Prevents osteoporosis.
  • Reduces your compensation patterns which will allow you move better.
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Who This Program is For

We tailor your Strength Training program to you, your goals and your needs.

The Athlete

The Athlete

Someone frustrated by the fact that they keep getting beat out by the competition or are sick of injuries affecting their performance.

The Beginner

The Beginner

Someone who has never strength trained before but looking to start.

The Novice Lifter

The Novice Lifter

Someone who has strength training experience but has either hit a plateau, suffered an injury or wants to increase their lifting capacity.

The Advanced Lifter

The Advanced Lifter

Someone with extensive lifting experience looking to expand their pursuits.

Our Strength Training Program Versus CrossFit

Our Strength
Training Program
Kinesiologist-Supported Training
Progressively Managed Coaching
Muscle Imbalance Testing
Postural Assessment
Movement Assessment
Customized Strength Program
Corrective Exercise Coaching
Injury Prevention Training
Fun + Supportive Environment

Client Testimonials

  • Balance In Motion has helped me regain strength that I have lost due to my chronic pain condition. They regularly assess and modify my program to meet my current abilities and goals. I appreciate the trainers support when I have setbacks and their enthusiasm when I succeed. We have been able to shift from rehabilitation of my upper back to focus on strength training of my whole body!

    Karen H
    BIM client
  • Being a software developer really impacted my health and fitness, and as a result I wasn’t able to improve my golf swing for a long time due to flexibility and strength issues. However, Andrea is a great trainer who makes boring exercises fun and rewarding. Not only has she helped me improved my golf game tremendously, I am also able to live a healthier lifestyle now thanks to her effective training program. I used to hate exercising, but not anymore!

    Jeremy Chiang
    BIM client
  • Andrea and her team have worked with me to help correct muscle imbalances and improve my overall strength. Her use of the “Functional Movement Screen” has helped me to stay on track by giving me a score that I can improve upon. It is always motivating to see how your numbers improve in a relatively short period of time of working with her.

    Shannon Meagar
    BIM client
Want to reshape your body and improve your physical strength?