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Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Our weight loss formula is simple, safe and extremely effective

This tailored-to-you program combines the principles of Kinesiology with specialized training, mindset coaching and full nutritional support to help you safely reach your desired weight goal, while sculpting and toning your muscle, increasing your strength, boosting your energy level and positioning you for long-term weight loss success.

We coach you to your desired weight goal then teach you how to keep the results.

What's Included

1-on-1 Strategy Session

We sit down with you to discuss your relevant medical history, goals, lifestyle and any hurdles that you have experienced during past weight loss attempts.

Physical Assessment

We assess your current body weight, fat percentage and circumferences and administer a FMS™ test to help us identify any functional limitations that could affect your training efforts.

Personalized Programming

Designed to give you maximum results without forcing you to stop doing the things you love, your program will be tailored to your specific goals, body type, sex, lifestyle and schedule.

Progressively Managed Coaching

We start with the basics and slowly build up your tolerance to strength and conditioning work. And advance your programming as goals are met to keep you from plateauing to ensure that your measurements continue to drop.

Habit Change Coaching

We will help you identify (then break) your bad habits – coaching you toward new, healthy and sustainable routines to keep you from falling back into old patterns.

Mindset Training

The missing piece in most failed weight loss attempts is confidence. We will work with you to build an unbeatable mindset by teaching you how to stay accountable to your goals and stay strong in tempting situations.

Nutrition Coaching

The best nutrition plan is the one that you can commit to at least 90% of the time. Our nutritionist will work with you to create a plan that is unique to you – taking your current measurements and weight loss goals into account and providing you with the support you need to stick to it.

Sustainable Results

We don’t provide quick fixes. We give you sustainable fixes that you will be able to successfully incorporate into your life so that you can achieve long-term weight loss success.

Kinesiologist Support

All of your training sessions are guided by one of our kinesiologists. They will show you how to perform each exercise, teach you how to use our equipment, make sure that you are performing each exercise properly and progress your training as goals are met.

Safe + Supportive Environment

We hold you accountable to your goals, while providing you with the support you need to achieve them (in a caring, positive, safe and judgement free environment). We guarantee that training at BIM will make you feel connected, encouraged and motivated without any unnecessary pressure.

You don’t have to stop doing the things that you love to get the body that you want. All you need to do is make the decision to change.

Andrea Lawson

Our Weight Loss Philosophy

No one has perfectly matched genetics, metabolism, hormones and lifestyles. The beauty of our weight loss program is that you start at your own level and work at your own pace.

We believe that there are four key components to any success body transformation – nutrition, mindset & accountability, personalized training and habit change.

We build you a program that addresses all four factors.

The Four Steps To Long-Term Weight Loss Success

We build you a program that addresses all four factors.
Mindset +
Personalized Training
Habit Change

Our Approach

When weight loss is your goal, one typically seeks out intense cardio-based workouts without taking the time to build up some baseline strength and proper stabilization.

The problems with this formula is that it tends to lead to injury, burn out or mediocre results – which causes most people to quit their program.

We start with the basics and slowly build up your tolerance to strength and conditioning training to keep that from happening.

We take a 360 approach to weight loss – taking your lifestyle, diet, habits, mindset, activity level and genetics into account when crafting your personalized training and nutrition plan.

Activity Level
We Look at the Full Picture
Realistic goals
Your behaviour
Small changes daily

Our Weight Loss Formula

To position you for both short and long-term weight loss success, we will help you:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Address your behaviour
  • Apply small changes that you can commit to daily

Client Testimonials

  • I’ve lost a little over 35 pounds since joining BIM, and as cliche as it sounds, I’ve never felt better. It’s been incredible to see my strength and fitness improve, and I feel that the ongoing support of BIM’s trainers has played a big role in my continued transformation. BIM really does help you Go Beyond Better. BIM really does help you Go Beyond Better.

    Fiona Higgs
    BIM client
  • No matter what physical state you’re in, the staff and members are supportive and able/willing to push you harder and challenge you every time.

    Trish Nicholson
    BIM client
  • Not only has Balance In Motion helped me improved my golf game tremendously, I am also able to live a healthier lifestyle now thanks to her effective training program. I used to hate exercising, but not anymore. Now, I’m motivated to train, and I know I will be ready for the summer golf and beach season!

    Jeremy Chiang
    BIM client
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