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Our Story


How We Started

Andrea Lawson created Balance In Motion the old-fashioned way. Through sheer determination, personal sacrifice and commitment to an ideal:

“To help you get fit, overcome injury and be healthier than you thought possible.”

Andrea graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 2007. She considered applying to UBC’s physiotherapy program, but chose instead to immediately start using her knowledge and learn as much as she could on the ground with people who needed help.

Her first job in the field was rehabilitating people who had been injured in car accidents. Then she went to work at a physiotherapy clinic where she was put in charge of all active rehab.

Along the way, Andrea asked as many questions as she could think of, kept taking classes and started volunteering at community centres.

It wasn’t long before people starting asking Andrea if they could hire her personally. She faced a serious decision. Keep working the day job and pay the bills, or start a business doing what she loved with no money.

Andrea scraped together what funds she could, rented a small studio space, and carried on helping people achieve greater strength, flexibility and overall health than they thought possible.

Nine years later, BIM is growing faster than ever and Andrea and her team of passionate kinesiologists go to work every day helping people achieve Balance In Motion in their daily lives.

Why We Started

BIM’s mission is to help people Go Beyond Better.

This means getting you back to your pre-injury lifestyle so you can achieve your health goals and THEN pursue new ones you never thought possible.

To achieve this, first we must address three common misconceptions:

  • A fear of fitness (thanks to fitness is portrayed in the media)
  • A feeling that pain was just part of the game
  • A belief that some goals are simply impossible to reach

At BIM we believe:

  • Anything worth doing is difficult. But fitness is only scary if you’re in the wrong environment and not given proper direction.
  • Pain should always be addressed and NEVER worked through.
  • Under the right direction and training, NO goal is impossible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you overcome injuries and achieve your training goals, while teaching you how to Go Beyond Better.

Our Approach

Our approach is based around the principles of Kinesiology and is designed to help you improve your mobility, correct imbalances, increase strength and tone muscle without the risk of injury.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you return to your pre-injury lifestyle and performance so that you can achieve your goals then create new ones that you never thought were possible.

No Goal is Impossible

We believe that no goal is impossible with the right direction and training.

Fitness Shouldn't Feel Scary

Fitness is only scary if you are in the wrong training environment and not given the proper direction.

Pain Should Never be Ignored

Pain should always be addressed and never worked through.

BIM makes it easier for you to reach your potential in a safer, healthier way.

Andrea Lawson
Click to watch Our Story video!
Click to watch Our Story video!