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Meet Andrea Lawson


I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Andrea Lawson, and I’m the founder of Balance In Motion.

I started BIM with a vision: to create a training facility where people could come and rehabilitate from an injury, improve their athletic performance and CRUSH their health and fitness goals without the fear of reinjury.

I wanted this place to bridge the gap between recovering from an injury and returning to normal body function. I wanted it to have the best coaching staff and resources available, and for everyone who stepped foot in it to feel comfortable and productive no matter…

  • The type of injury they were recovering from
  • What stage they were at in their fitness journey
  • And their age

Now that I have a facility that reflects my vision, I’ve noticed that we do things quite differently from a lot of other gyms out there.

How so?


At Balance In Motion we apply the principles of Kinesiology to strength and conditioning training in order to help you reach (and even surpass!) your goals.

It’s a place where:

  • Your movement is never compromised
  • Injuries and goals are understood
  • Intimidation is unheard of
  • And fun (and a little weirdness) are ALWAYS welcome... if not encouraged.

The BIM studio is where goals are set high, dreams become reality and everyone goes beyond better.

Andrea Lawson

Go Beyond Better is our mission statement.

It’s also my personal mission to anyone who enters my life. Yourself included if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you in person.

I believe that the best leaders are able to admit what they are not, and commit to doing whatever it takes to become a better version of themselves. Leading from the front enables you to inspire people to set goals that are not dictated by fear and self-doubt. It also gives you the opportunity to excel at what you’re most passionate about.

In my case, that’s helping people recover from injury and take their body to levels they had stopped dreaming about.

I have witnessed time and time again how getting people stronger not only gives them potential, but also instills a level of confidence in themselves that is unmatched.

I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help people excel at the things they never thought they could excel at.

It’s my goal (and that of my staff) to help you reach your true potential. We want to help you move with purpose, strength and power by removing fear from the equation.

All of my coaching staff are movement specialists who hold a minimum of a bachelor degree in Kinesiology.

This means that we never put fitness on top of dysfunction. We work to correct imbalances before we build you a program that targets your fitness goals. We love applying our skills and expertise to help people who have an injury or are struggling with limitations that are keeping them from working, exercising or reaching their full athletic potential.

We all have self-doubt, and often are the only person holding ourselves back from accomplishing the things that we want in our life. I, along with my entire coaching team, see your strengths and will work with you to build them up to give you an unbeatable confidence in yourself so that you can Go Beyond Better.

That is my promise to you.

I look forward to meeting you in-person!

Andrea Lawson

Click to watch Our Story video!
Click to watch Our Story video!