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New Specialty Class: Open Lifting

One of our biggest training philosophies at Balance in Motion is that developing fundamental technique with each movement is essential in order to progress to more challenging or complex movements and variations of movements. Not only does this method minimize risk of injury, but it can also lead to greater gains in strength, performance, and functional capacity.  As such, we will be offering an “open lifting” class that focuses on improving major lifts by refining technique and complimentary exercises to help break plateaus and develop stronger, safer lifting patterns. The class will be structured to allow anyone to come in to work on a major lift of their choosing (Deadlifts, Squats, Bench, Olympic lifts) with the coaches on hand to provide guidance on technique and supplementary exercises that will allow for better execution of the lift. The latter portion of the class will include a group workout consisting of exercises that complement the major lifts. This class is designed for you to take advantage of a coach’s perspective on your lifts that you might never receive elsewhere. It is open to all skill levels, from weekly exercisers to competitive lifters and athletes. So if you’re looking to reach your goals faster, stronger, and safer, this is the class for you!


Members – Free!

Non-members – $20

Click HERE to register for the class, OR call us at (604) 271-7181!








***The recurrence of this class will be based on demand. The class will have a maximum capacity of 8 people and a minimum of 3 people.

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