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BIM Lab: External Shoulder Rotations

This exercise targets your rotator cuff muscles, specifically the supraspinatus muscle. Making it a great exercise for people rehabbing from a shoulder injury and/or as a form of rehab.

In this video I explain a few common mistakes people make when completing to help you get the most out of your External Shoulder Rotations.


  1. Make sure that you are rotating at the shoulder and not extending through your lower back and/or retracting (pulling back) though your shoulder blade. You may have to limit your range of motion to achieve this, but that is ok!
  2. Go easy on the resistance and don’t train your rotator cuff to failure. This will help build good muscular endurance and prevent strains and/or compensations.
  3. Choose an arm angle that will allow you to maintain your best form. Generally you want to start with your elbow close to your body and slowly move it outward to progress and/or challenge the muscles at a variety of positions.

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