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BIM Lab: 7 Way Hip Series (AKA the Glute Burner)

Your side bum matters.

Your gluteus medius (aka your “side bum”) is a key muscle that helps to stabilize your pelvis during standing and walking. Its function is also imperative for knee stability, low back injury prevention and rehab. The trouble is the gluteus medius tends to be a tricky muscle to engage, and is often weak as a result.

Those who lack the ability to adequately recruit/engage their gluteus medius will often compensate by overusing their tensor fasciae latae (TFL), lateral hip rotators and back extensors muscles.

This 7 Way Hip Series will help to prevent that by building up muscle endurance in the gluteus medius, while also helping with lateral hip stability.

I love this series because it hits your gluteus medius from all angles – while also stressing its endurance and strength. I like to start people off with 5 reps of each (no rest between movements) and gradually work up to 20 reps. Due to the high volume involved in this series, I normally only program one set for most individuals. This can be used as an end of workout stability drill, or—if you cut the reps way back—you can also use this as part of a warm up activation series.

NOTE: If you do not feel this exercise in your side bum region, you need to take a step back and focus on building your ability to recruit your gluteus medius muscle. The Clamshell is a great exercise to help you do that.

For more on how to fire up your gluteus medius, check out this article or watch this tutorial video.

If you live in the Richmond area and would like to find out if your glutes are functioning optimally, you can also book a free fitness assessment with us by clicking HERE!

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