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30-Day Nutrition Challenge


30-Day Nutrition Challenge

Start eating the right foods for YOUR body

If you’re landing on this page, chances are good it’s because nutrition is something you struggle with (or have questions about). When it comes to eating right for YOUR body, it’s hard to know where to start. We’re all different. We have different goals, habits, priorities, schedules and dedication levels. And one-size-fits-all programs don’t work.

This challenge is not a diet. It’s a program designed to teach you how to eat to facilitate your health and fitness goals. We start where you’re at now, help you realign your habits, teach you what to eat and when, and work with you to develop healthy habits that will become second nature and last a lifetime.

What's Included

Three Nutrition Coaching Sessions

This challenge includes three 30-minute coaching sessions with our Nutrition Coach. During each meeting our coach will work one-on-one with you to help you realign your habits so that they facilitate your health and fitness goals.

Custom Tailored Programming

One-size-fits-all nutrition plans don’t work. Our Nutrition Coach tailors your plan to YOU (based on your nutrition history, goals, lifestyle, habits and dedication level) to ensure that it is sustainable long-term.

Weekly Check-Ins

Our Nutrition Coach will be with you every step of the way – checking in with you regularly by phone and email to offer support, nutrition/habit change advice and provide you with useful tools and strategies that will help you reach your goals and keep the results.

Goal Tracking

On the first day of your challenge our Nutrition Coach will meet with you to discuss and set your goals, then take your weight and measurements. Your progress will then be tracked throughout the challenge to ensure that your targets are achieved.

Portion Control Strategies

Knowing what to eat and when is only a piece of the puzzle. Our Nutrition Coach will tell you EXACTLY how much you should be eating (based on your body weight, activity level and fitness goals) and provide you with strategies to help you stop overeating FOR GOOD.

Diet + Kitchen Makeover

Nutrition success starts in your kitchen. Our Nutrition Coach will teach you what foods to eat and when (based on your body weight, activity level and fitness goals) then help you makeover your kitchen to remove temptation.

Learn how to eat to facilitate your health and fitness goals.

This 30-Day Challenge...

  • Starts whenever you’re ready.
  • Includes three 30-minute coaching sessions with our Nutrition Coach.
  • Will provide you with a personalized plan to help you eat, feel and live healthier.
  • Will give you the support and guidance you need to break bad eating habit and develop new healthy ones.
  • And allow you to eat many of the foods that you like to enjoy, while providing you with great new recipes that you’ll actually want to make.
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Client Testimonials

  • When you put yourself in an environment where you are surrounded by people who inspire you to be great, you experience potential. The potential of others, and the potential in yourself. You learn that everyone started from somewhere less than where they’re at right now, and you gain the motivation you need to push yourself closer to your goals.

    Andrea Lawson
    BIM founder
  • No matter what physical state you’re in, the staff and members are supportive and able/willing to push you harder and challenge you every time.

    Trish Nickolson
    BIM client
  • Andrea and her team have worked with me to help correct muscle imbalances and improve my overall strength. Her use of the “Functional Movement Screen” has helped me to stay on track by giving me a score that I can improve upon. It is always motivating to see how your numbers improve in a relatively short period of time of working with her.

    Rob Elliot
    BIM client
Ready to start eating to facilitate your goals?