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The Art of Losing Weight (For Good!)

I know, I know, it’s not like the Internet isn’t already flooded with articles highlighting how to lose weight, but I figured that there might be a few of you out there who would like to learn the art of losing it, for good.

Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight, or on the hunt for the latest and greatest way to be healthier, one thing we all seem to have in common is our mutual attraction to the subject of weight loss.

And why wouldn’t we? The idea of taking control of our lives and shedding unwanted fat and making positive change is empowering!

So if you are one of the many who continually finds weight on your mind, don’t be ashamed. I along with a whole slew of other people share your obsession.

However when thinking about weight loss there is one thing that you need to be mindful of, and that’s health. Health is the single most important factor when it comes to ANY body composition change.

When I say “health” I am referring to the fact that you must (and I stress, must) place president on being healthy and productive when it comes to losing weight – working out, eating right and being able to identify what’s not healthy in your life (then removing those factors) to ensure that you reach your weight goal in the healthiest way possible.

… which (spoiler alert) will ultimately help you reach and keep your desired results.

Before I go any further I want you to take a moment and pick one thing that you like about your body. Once you have chosen your favourite asset, look at yourself in the mirror – free of judgment.

Now go ahead and embrace that one (or maybe more than one) thing that you like.

What I am trying to teach you here is that it’s easy to focus on the things that you don’t like about yourself. but here’s the thing: no matter how much you change about your body there will always be something that you would still like to change. The key is not letting it bring you down.

When I look in the mirror I concentrate on the things that I like because I firmly believe that it’s important to embrace your strengths, while recognizing (and being empowered by the fact) that you can work on your weaknesses. That may sound kind of cheesy, but it has worked for me, and I’m confident that it will work for you too.

Now that that’s been said, it’s time to talk weight loss strategies.

In university I was an avid distant runner and weighed 123 pounds, (I’m 5’9). I still run now, but I also lift heavy things, (regularly) so as a result my current weight is 138 pounds. My jean size has not changed and more importantly I feel healthy and comfortable with my body.

Like many, my muscle development and weight has fluctuated over the years. If that sounds like you too, let me give you one piece of advice, don’t obsess about the number on the scale. Instead track circumference, use pictures and performance as means to measure your progress.

Like anything, before you can specialized in something you have to master the basics. In order to successfully lose weight, your general health, lifestyle and exercise needs to be addressed. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can then go a step further and get that six pack, sleek arms or awesome butt that’s been eluding you thus far. And trust me, you will get it.


7 Tactics That Will Help You Lose Weight

1.  Increase your activity throughout the day

I know it sounds lame but doing stuff like taking the stairs, parking your car further away, getting off the bus a stop early, walking your dog for an extra 10 mins… or just starting to walk the dog ????  will all add up and make a world of difference.

Bottom line: Start making active choices and you will burn more calories throughout the day.

2.  Drink more water

Don’t tell me that you don’t like to drink water, or that you forget to drink it. That’s a copout that doesn’t serve you. Here’s my challenge to all you water haters out there – go out and buy a water bottle, carry it with you everywhere you go, and drink from it! Making sure that you empty and fill it up at least 4 times per day. You’re an adult, and can handle this. Trust me.

3.  Boost your metabolism

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  • Muscle tissue is able to metabolize fat at rest – therefore increasing the amount of overall muscle you have will enable you to increase your resting metabolism, or the amount of calories your expend when you’re doing nothing.
  • Eat regularly. This is key for most people. If you eat regular balanced meals you will regulate your metabolism and have more energy in general. Don’t wait until you’re starving to eat. As doing so will result in overeating—nobody ever binges on celery sticks ;). Eating well will take some planning and organization, of this I assure you. But it IS possible. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but there are ways to eat better, and they’re called planning and thinking ahead.
  • Don’t stuff your face every time you eat. This is where some discipline will come into play at first, but again the key is not waiting until you’re starving to eat. You should feel energized after a meal—if you feel tired and lethargic after eating, chances are good that you’re eating too much, or not eating the right foods for your body. Listen to what your body is telling you and make the changes that will cause it to feel/function better.
  • High intensity interval training. Use this type of training with caution. A lot of people tend to over prescribe or overdue HIIT, so make the strides necessary to ensure that that’s not you. Over training can result in an overstressed nervous system and hormone balance interference—both of which will do nothing to facilitate your weight loss. However when used properly, adding some intense bouts of exercise into your regular workout regime is a great way to facilitate weight loss. Just remember, more is not always better. So stop the madness.



4.  Eat like you give a fuck

I stole that saying from a friend, who stole it from someone else, and love it. Putting it a little more lightly, start caring about what you put in your body. Start learning about where your food comes from, what is healthy and what is not, then make strides to eat healthy. We are all busy and on a budget, but that’s not a reason to eat poorly. It’s an excuse to not take responsibility for your nutrition.

5.  Sleep

You will not be successful in your weight loss, health, or athletic goals if you chronically deprive yourself of sleep. That’s the cold hard truth. I know busy schedules sometimes make it hard to commit to 6 to 9 hours of sleep per night, but this is where organization, time management and prioritizing come into play. As with your nutrition, you must also take responsibility for your life and make time for sleep.

6.  Accept

Don’t aim for perfect, aim to do the best you can do. Be honest with yourself and accept that your workout schedule and meal plan is not going to be perfect all of the time. You’re going to have days when the universe does everything in it’s power to keep you from being healthy, (i.e. you forget your lunch at home, or get stuck in traffic and end up missing your workout). If life causes you to miss a workout, just remember, it’s only one day and the best thing to do is accept that things do not always work out the way that you want them to. Tomorrow is a new day, so don’t stress! Instead do what you can to be healthy and don’t let little hiccups be an invitation to self-sabotage.

7.  Change

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you’re going insane, then take step back. Deep down you know what you need to do, and I just happen to know a place that can help. It’s this awesome little studio with great clients and staff alike.

Cough* Balance in Motion ????

If weight loss is what you’re after, I encourage you to CLICK HERE to learn more about a new weight loss program that we are now offering at BIM. This new program is designed specifically for people looking to lose weight and will help you achieve your desired weight goal, while sculpting and toning muscle, increasing your strength and boosting your energy level, leaving you with a body that you feel happy, confident and comfortable in.

If you have any questions about weight loss, this new weight loss program, or anything else health and fitness related please feel free to reach out to me at I am always here if you need a little extra support. ????

Here’s to happy, healthy and insanity free living!



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About the author

Andrea Lawson has been a practicing Kinesiologist since 2008 and is the founder of Balance in Motion, a training facility created for people to rehabilitate from injuries, improve athletic performance, and crush their health and fitness goals. She is passionate about providing a space where anyone can step foot in and feel both comfortable and productive no matter the injury, age, or stage they may be at in their fitness journey. With this vision, Andrea has witnessed her clients achieve goals they never thought possible, and gain unmatched levels of confidence in themselves, helping them to Go Beyond Better.