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The 411 on Water

I know I know, you hear this all the time, you need to drink more water. But it really is as important as they say it is. Every cell in your body needs water to survive. Water is used to flush out toxins and waste, lubricate joints and tissues, and help assimilate the food we eat. It’s also essential for weight loss.

Our bodies need about 8 cups of water per day. More if its really hot outside, or you are working out.

Filtered water is best, as our tap water contains chlorine. Which contributes to certain forms of cancer, can increase your risk for hypertension, and increases the free radical damage in your body. Tap water can also potentially contain toxic and dangerous chemicals, such as agricultural and industrial waste; including PCB’s, pesticide residues, nitrates, and heavy metals, like lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

To ensure that you are drinking the purest water possible, I recommend buying in a filter water jug like Santevia. If you’re open to spending a little extra cash, I highly recommend investing in an under sink filtration system so that any food you are washing, steaming, soaking or cooking with is done in pure/clean filtered water.

If you’re like many and don’t drink water because you find it boring and tasteless, try infusing it! Flavour-infused water is easy to make, calorie-free and sugar-free. Unless you are adding fruit to your water. If that is the case, your water will take on some of the natural sugars from the fruit. Which is fine in small doses.

Try some of these delicious flavour-infused water recipes and stay hydrated!


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