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Sun Run, Interval Training, Running Mobility and More

For anyone who isn’t quite where they should be in their Sun Run training or just needs to peel themselves off the couch and start a routine, time to GET ON IT. There are just over 6 weeks to go until the Sun Run (April 27th, mark your calendars folks), so get your running shoes on and get your butt out the door! There’s no time like the present to get started.

Below you will find a sample training plan that is suitable for novice to intermediate runners. If you are new to running or are getting back into a routine, feel free to replace the run with a brisk walk or light jog. Each week contains a long, short, hill and interval run.

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Why intervals? Interval training will give you the most bang for your buck to improve your cardiovascular fitness. It allows you to reach a higher percentage of your maximum heart rate than a steady pace run and also incorporates some variety for anyone like myself who struggles with the monotony of running. Both resistance and cardio-based interval training can be beneficial for your cardiovascular fitness, so check out BIM’s Functional Fit classes for your interval days and get some cross-training in! Stay tuned for our updated schedule with additional classes.

Before your run, we recommend completing some quick mobility drills as part of your warm up. Complete 8-10 reps per side of each exercise before hitting the pavement. Here are 3 of our favourites:

½ Kneel Hip Flexor Stretch


Ankle Rockers

Make a point of taking at least one rest day to give your body a chance to recover and don’t forget to check out Balance in Motion’s group classes for cross-training.

If you still haven’t registered for the Sun Run, go to and search for Balance in Motion to join the BIM team. We would love to have you. Happy Running!

Sample Running Plan

Day 1 – Light run: mobility drills, slow and easy 5 min warm up, 20-30 min run, slow and easy 5 min cool down

Day 2 – Interval training/Functional Fit class

Day 3 – REST

Day 4 – Long run: mobility drills, slow and easy 10 min warm up, run 40-50 min run, 10 min slow and easy cool down

Day 5 – Interval training/Functional Fit class

Day 6 – REST

Day 7 – Hill run: Find a hill that has an incline of approxamitely 25 degrees
Mobility drills & slow and easy 10 min warm up
8×1 min brisk run uphill with slow and easy recovery run back down
8×30 sec brisk run uphill with slow and easy recovery run back down
slow and easy 10 min cool down.

*This is a tough one for all of you Richmondites, so if there are no hills nearby, repeat the following 3 times:
5 minute brisk run + 2 min recovery run
3 min brisk run + 2 min recovery run
1 min brisk run + 1 min recovery run

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