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So 2012, what do you have in store??

I hope everyone is managing to cope with their first week back to work after the holidays!

(always wondered what you office people really do…!)

I don’t know about you but I am definitely one of those people who uses New Years as a time to set new goals, re-focus my energy to positive things, think successful thoughts; set resolutions if you will.

Now I know there are some out there that roll their eyes at people who talk about such resolutions and goal setting but I think that is largely because many set a bunch of unreasonable goals that they don’t follow through with.  Is it lack of accountability?  It is laziness? Or perhaps by January 13th they stop caring and are just back into their “routine”? Our attitudes directly affect our success and this topic is very well portrayed in a book one of my clients just lent me called, Attitude Is Everything, by Jeff Keller. This book teaches the benefits of using your attitude and inner thoughts to help achieve success.  Just the other night I was reading it and came across one of my favorite quotes, whether you think you can – or you think you can’t – your right! -Henry Ford.  Your attitude not only directly affects your success it effects how you get there and the types of relationships you will have.

Lets face it to be successful you need to have goals, and not just in January!  As much as I encourage goals surrounding our physical state, there are 7 dimensions of wellness to consider:  physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and occupational.[1]      It is important to remember that being committed to your health and well being is a lifelong process and this process is dynamic full of change and growth. Wellness is largely determined by the decisions you make about how to live your life, the everyday stuff.  This leads me to the my next topic, nutrition!

Nutrition is a big component of health and there are a lot of you out there planning to loose weight this year. With good intentions you may start cleaning up your diet, walking more, and may even hit the gym.  My experience with goal setting and more importantly accomplishing goals has taught me that you need accountability and structure.  You need a baseline and you need a plan to move forward.  This is why I wanted to tell you about a nutrition program that I highly recommend, called Foundations!


Lisa Carpenter is the founder of E.A.T and Bodies Under Construction and my go to person when it comes to nutrition and body composition change.  I have personally seen the success of participants of this program first hand and I love how comprehensive Lisa’s programs are. Well worth the investment!

I thought I would also share with you some of my goals for the new year.

The first is a 90 day challenge of not drinking any booze! This will be tough as much of my social life often revolves around enoying a “beverage” of some sort.  A lot of this is purely out of habbit and I plan to create new habbits that will last! Hopefully I still have friends by the end of all this ;). I am actually looking forward to this commitment of refraining from alcohol  as I know with help with the following:

Training goals:

  • To finish the Fred Gingell stairs (in Tsawwassen, B.C) 10 consecutive times, perferrably running up each time in under 2 minutes. Oh and not feeling like I am going to die each time I get to the top!

(current record is 6 times up and down, times ranging from 1min48sec to 2min30sec)

  • To complete 5 Pull ups (overhand grip)

(Current record .75, I suck at these!)

  • To compete 10 chin ups (underhand or neutral grip)

(Current record 4.5, yes I think the .5 counts)

  • Deadlift 200IBS 5reps

(Current record 135pounds 8X5X5)

  • To improve the  range of motion in my right ankle
(don’t ask as I don’t understand why I have no dorsiflexion)
  • To not suck at soccer!

(Currently I suck at soccer, but I am new to the sport in my defence)

Feel free to share you top goals below and/or contact me to help to set up a plan to start moving forward!!


Till next time,





Fahey, T., Insel, P., and Roth, W. 2005. Fit & Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness, 6th ed. Boston: McGraw Hill. “Introduction to Wellness, Fitness, and Lifestyle Management”

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