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Group Training


Group Training

Kinesiologist guided training with up to 12 people

Unlike most group classes, all of our group training sessions are guided by one of our kinesiologists. These hour-long training sessions are safe, fun and effective (in other words, they will make you sweat, but won’t leave you feeling broken) and will have you working out with no more than 12 people.

What's Included

Strategy Session

We sit down with you to discuss your medical history, goals and lifestyle to make sure that we have a clear picture of what you need to get the results that you want. This is done at the same time as your Physical Assessment.

Physical Assessment

We conduct a postural screen, muscle imbalance testing, and a Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) to help us identify any imbalances, past or present injuries and/or faulty movement patterns that could hold you back from reaching your goals.

Kinesiologist Support

We will show you how to perform each exercise, teach you how to use our training equipment and make sure that you are performing each exercise properly to keep you free from injury and progressing with your program.

Stimulating Workouts

No two group training sessions are alike. Our coaches keep things fun, challenging and interesting by updating the programming daily, incorporating a variety of exercises and training equipment into each workout.

Small Class Sizes (12 max.)

Each group training session is made up of no more than 12 people, each working towards their own goals at their own pace.

Progressively Managed Coaching

Each exercise is tailored to your ability. This means that your coach we will give you exercise modifications, progressions and regressions as you need them to keep you free from injury.

60-Minute Training Sessions

Each group training session runs for 60 minutes and consists of: warm-up and activation, strength and conditioning training (using a combination of olympic barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells), a finisher and cool-down stretch session.

Safe + Supportive Environment

One of the best things about our group training classes is our training environment. No matter your fitness level, we guarantee that training at BIM will make you feel connected, encouraged and motivated without any unnecessary pressure.

Three class options to meet your needs.


Experience Total Strength

Our Total Strength group training sessions help you safely build strength and strength endurance by using a mixture of body weight training, kettlebells and weights done in a circuit-training format.

These classes great for both beginners AND advanced trainees looking to improve their foundation and build a solid core.

Get Pure Energy

Our Pure Energy group training sessions are 60-minute interval-based conditioning classes that incorporate bodyweight movement, kettlebells, battling ropes, power sleds, and other fun tools to effectively improve your fitness and flexibility.

These classes are great for fat loss and improving endurance for all fitness levels.


Our BIMobility group training sessions are designed to improve your mobility with a series of static and dynamic stretches, mobility drills that enable better joint stability and control, along with some light stabilization and core work to ensure that any increase in mobility is properly reinforced.

These classes are perfect for all fitness levels.


Client Testimonials

  • The trainers have the knowledge to select the right exercises and programs to improve my functional strength and ability. They can tell me how to do this exercise or variation safely and how that will benefit and add to my regime. Finally, they can tell me why this exercise can help me get to the next level of my training and achieve my goals.

    Ruby Carr
    BIM client
  • No matter what physical state you’re in, the staff and members are supportive and able/willing to push you harder and challenge you every time.

    Trish Nicholson
    BIM client
  • Andrea is a great trainer who makes boring exercises fun and rewarding. Not only has she helped me improved my golf game tremendously, I am also able to live a healthier lifestyle now thanks to her effective training program. I used to hate exercising, but not anymore.

    Jeremy Chiang
    BIM client
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