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Mason Jar Salad

For most busy people, eating a balanced lunch or dinner on the fly can be challenging. And I get it – sometimes it’s easier to just grab takeout… However, doing a quick meal prep 1-2 times per week can be a delicious solution.

Before you get in a huff, I’m not suggesting you spend hours cooking. I know you don’t have time for that. All you need is 20-30 minutes (max.) twice a week.

I think your health is worth that, right?

Mason jar salads are easy to make, delicious to eat, healthy for your body, and… the sky is the limit for flavour combinations.

Here’s what you do:

  • Grab a mason jar
  • Add some dressing to the bottom of the jar
  • Add some grains and/or protein
  • Add the rest of your fixings
  • Finish with greens


The order of this is important. Having the dressing at the bottom, followed by your protein will keep the rest of your ingredients dry. Once you prep your salad, it’s good in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Here are a few sample recipes for you to try, but there are thousands more available online ????


I hope you enjoy them! Oh! And if you find a combination that you enjoy, please send it my way. I’d love to try it out. ????





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