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I would like to dedicate this post to my mom. I first want to start off by saying how proud of her I am for starting training at the prime age of 61 without any reservations.  My mom started training with me about 2 years ago and had literally never set foot in a gym to lift weight before.  Since then she has consistently come workout with me on weekly basis without missing a beat.  In this time  she has been able to regain full shoulder function after a bout of frozen shoulder,  recovered from a rather strange hip injury that may have been inflicted by yours truly during a lunging-step up combination, as well as increase her overall strength, stability, endurance, and balance.  My favorite part about training her is that anytime I give her an exercise that is challenging she starts to giggle while doing it, almost uncontrollably. Watch the video to see what I mean

She is definitely going to kill me for posting that and I wish I had a longer clip!  The best part is that she giggles but will still complete ALL the reps she has been instructed to do.  She honestly has the best attitude and is always game to challenge herself with any exercise I throw at her.

Mama Lawson has also quit smoking for more than 7 years now, walks almost daily, and continues to get stronger in the gym each week. I am so proud of her for braving the gym and sticking with it. Here are few video clips from her most recent session.  The first video is her doing hip thrust with a 45 pound barbell and the second is her doing body weight rows with a Human Trainer. Love you Mom!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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