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Jessica’s Letter: A Real Testimonial from a BIM Client

These are the things you can’t see in a before and after picture.

Prior to commencing her transformation journey, Jessica (like so many of us) had a long list of excuses keeping her out of the gym. But after adopting her son Jack, things changed. Jessica realized that she wanted (and needed) to live a long time so that she could be there for her kids—her and her husband Garret have five beautiful children.

The results of her investment show.

In the almost two years that she has been training with us, Jessica has been a fixture in the Balance In Motion gym – inspiring all those who have the pleasure of training with her. Myself included.

To say that I am proud of her would be an understatement. What Jessica has been able to achieve is a testament to her determination, and proof that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Despite popular belief, fitness success is not about how much weight that you lose, how much you can lift, or how fast you can run. It’s about your mindset. You can achieve any goal that you are after. You just need to be willing to put the time and effort in to work towards it.

We all have a different story. But also all have the power to change it.

If you would like help rewriting yours, contact us and we will get you in for a free fitness assessment with one of our kinesiologist.

You can feel confident and comfortable. You also don’t have to be afraid of fitness. If you are prescribed the right exercises and given the right direction you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Even the things you stopped believing were possible.

Book a free assessment with us to learn how we can help you rewrite your story.

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About the author

Andrea Lawson has been a practicing Kinesiologist since 2008 and is the founder of Balance in Motion, a training facility created for people to rehabilitate from injuries, improve athletic performance, and crush their health and fitness goals. She is passionate about providing a space where anyone can step foot in and feel both comfortable and productive no matter the injury, age, or stage they may be at in their fitness journey. With this vision, Andrea has witnessed her clients achieve goals they never thought possible, and gain unmatched levels of confidence in themselves, helping them to Go Beyond Better.