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Get Clean in 2015: 30-Days Without Sugar or Booze

Join me and the rest of the Balance in Motion team for a SUGARLESS 30-DAYS OF SOBRIETY! Why would we want to do such a thing? Well we figure it would be the perfect way to kick the New Year off right—especially after our December binging.

So join us and start your New Year with a goal to keep yourself accountable!


Here are the rules:

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  • NO alcohol of any kind
  • NO sugar or anything that contains sugar or anything that ends in “ose” (the white stuff, the brown stuff, coconut sugar, raw sugar, it all has to go)
  • NO dried fruit or fruit juice (fresh fruit is allowed)
  • NO artificial sweeteners



We are however allowing three natural sources of sugar in moderation:

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  • 100% Pure Maple Syrup preferably a darker Grade B variety
  • Raw Unpasteurized Honey
  • Stevia



Our Challenge to You

You must go 30-consecutive days without any sugar or alcohol. If you cheat, you have to start over.

This may seem simple enough. But what you may not realize is that sugar is in everything! All of your sauces, (hot, ketchup, bbq, etc.) most breads, packaged crackers and chips, cereal… the list goes on. So if you’re accepting this challenge, you will need to start reading the label before you buy—if you don’t do it already.

What about eating out?









You guessed it! You will have to avoid or limit the amount of times you eat out at a restaurant. If you do eat out, you will need to be prepared to modify your meal. Code for: make sure that you ask your server what is in the dish you want to order, before you order it. 😉

Treat sugar like an allergy. There is no wiggle room here.

This will not be easy and that is why it’s a challenge. It will force you to try new foods, and hopefully adopt a new (healthier) way of eating. By the end of the 30-days I guarantee you that will experience the following:

[list type=”4″]

  • You’ll feel better
  • You’ll sleep better
  • You’ll feel less agitated (okay maybe not the first week ;))
  • Your digestion will improve
  • You will feel less bloated
  • Your cravings will be significantly reduced
  • You’ll lose weight!



Challenges are tough, but the best part about this one it that you won’t be doing it alone.

Over the next 30-days we are going to be here to support you, as well as sharing our own struggles and successes. So who’s with us?! You really have nothing to lose but weight and your December hangover.

I will leave you with this,

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

Here’s to starting 2015 right!




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About the author

Andrea Lawson has been a practicing Kinesiologist since 2008 and is the founder of Balance in Motion, a training facility created for people to rehabilitate from injuries, improve athletic performance, and crush their health and fitness goals. She is passionate about providing a space where anyone can step foot in and feel both comfortable and productive no matter the injury, age, or stage they may be at in their fitness journey. With this vision, Andrea has witnessed her clients achieve goals they never thought possible, and gain unmatched levels of confidence in themselves, helping them to Go Beyond Better.
2 Responses
    1. Hi Cathy,
      The point of this is not to replace all the processed sugar with natural; its to remove sugar from your diet for one month. Thus, sweet treats and baked goods are out for the month. 100% pure maple syrup and raw honey are allowed in moderation such as in your coffee or tea or maple syrup in baked beans, as these are small amounts and likely to only be consumed 1-2 times per day at max. If you eat lots of maple syrup and honey it will eventually have the same effect as processed sugar. This is a challenge, but the less sugar you eat the less you will want and as the month goes on it will become easier and easier. Stick to healthy snacks like fruit, but not fruit juice, veggies with hummus or green goddess dressing, nuts and seeds, smoothies etc.