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Changing the Game…

This past week we were in Las Vegas. #togocups #sunshine #somuchfun #ilovehashtags. No, not for a birthday party, bachelor party, or vacation, but for a fitness and business conference. Pretty innocent and boring right? Wrong! It literally changed everything. It changed the way we approach our passions. It changed the way we approach people. And it changed the way we approach ourselves. That’s pretty huge, right? So when they named the conference “Changing the Game,” they weren’t kidding.



The conference featured numerous successful people from inside and outside the fitness industry that were unbelievably inspiring and knowledgeable. We learned so much from phenomenal speakers and had some great hands-on action, particularly on how to be a better coach. But how could a conference be so life altering? For us it was being able to meet our heroes and getting to know new heroes. Not only did we meet great speakers, we met some awesome, friendly, diverse, inspiring people who also attended. If there’s one thing we took home from these great people it’s this; take action! Take action on your passions and know that you can make an impact, whether it’s in your own life or the people around you. Know that you are never alone and that we are stronger together than we would ever be apart.


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So, where do we go from here? Easy! Go wherever your passion draws you to, whether it’s advancing your career, making a positive difference in someone’s life, or bettering yourself. Maybe you don’t know exactly where you want to go or who you want to be yet and that’s OK. But be proactive! Get inspired and motivated to seek out the things that drive you to be better at what you do, where the drive to succeed comes from within rather than from someone else. After this week our vision has never been so clear. #preciousmoments #BIMfamily. And so this isn’t as much of a blog post as it is a mission statement. We WILL be the best so YOU can be the best. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to inspire you to move better, lift better, and live better. So there’s really only one question, do you want to be a part of that? #takeaction! #gobeyondbetter #balanceinmotion.


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