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This exercise targets your rotator cuff muscles, specifically the supraspinatus muscle. Making it a great exercise for people rehabbing from a shoulder injury and/or as a form of rehab. In this video I explain a few common mistakes people make when completing to help you get the most out of your External Shoulder Rotations. PRO...
The Mountain Climber is a popular exercise often used in group exercise settings. In this video I explain how to avoid some common mistakes and get more our of your Mountain Climbers. COACHING CUES: Keep your hands stacked directly under your shoulders (don’t let your body travel forward as you bring your knee up) Bring...
We’ve all been there. Your training is going awesome, you’re feeling great, and you’re well on your way to reaching the goals you set out to achieve—then it happens. Life, as you know it stops suddenly and you are faced with the daunting task of rehabbing from an injury. It sucks. Period. If the injury is...
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