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BIM Life: Shannon Meaghar’s Story

There are few people who can brighten a room quite like this man.

Shannon first started training at BIM in February of 2014, when (at the time) he was recovering from a lumbar disc herniation—which had set back his function, strength and quality of life.

Shannon made the decision not to let his injury get the best of him, and started working with our very own Jen Booton to help him work through his injury.

To many, his journey may have seemed like a daunting road to recovery, but Shannon’s determination has enabled him to make substantial gains to his strength and function. Making him the epitome of BIM’s mantra, Go Beyond Better.

Shannon continues to impress us with both his consistency and dedication… which we acknowledge is partially due to his stubbornness… not sure if we mentioned that he’s Irish :p ).  His one-time active rehabilitation program has transformed into personal training sessions where he continues to make serious gains to his strength. His most recent accomplishment is topping our record board for the heaviest Hip Thrust in his age category, when he cleanly lifted 300 pounds.

If you’ve ever done one of our FX Fit classes with Shannon, you’ve most likely been cheered on or shared a laugh with him along the way.

This man pushes himself to the limit every time he sets foot in the studio and continues to prove that he’s unstoppable!

Shannon we could not be more proud of you.  Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to all of us at BIM, staff and clients alike.

Much love,

Your BIM Fam


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