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BIM Life: Kelly Mostat

I can remember speaking with Kelly a number of times prior to her joining BIM. The focus of those conversations was often her hesitancy about becoming a member. Like many, she was nervous to commit, and not sure of what to expect from her first workout.

I was eventually able to convince Kelly that she would do great, and following her first class, could see that her anxiety had been replaced with sheer determination.

Kelly’s dedication to her personal fitness and goals has been nothing short of impressive. It’s rare that she ever misses a workout, and she brings her best each and every time that she trains. She is an inspiration to me, and everyone else at BIM.

Not only have I watched Kelly’s body transform, her physical strength has also increased astronomically. She is currently deadlifting close to her body weight, (no small feat, I assure you) and doing unassisted pull ups like no bodies business. Be sure to check out the video of her dominating the pull up bar below.

I couldn’t be prouder of this girl, and the fact that she’s my sister makes this whole experience just that much more rewarding.

Thank you for showing us all how to #GoBeyondBetter Kelly! You are an inspiration to us all.




Inches Lost

Bust: 2.5 inches
Abdomen: 5 inches
Hips: 3.5 inches
Total: 11
Total weight lost to date: 16 pounds


A word from Kelly—

If I had to pin-point the exact moment that my life changed, I don’t think I could do it. The change for me has been gradual—with many ups and downs along the way. I have always had some level of fitness in my life, but struggled for a long time to find the motivation and energy to fully commit to working out. Until I joined BIM.

I became a member of the BIM family in April of 2014 – and from that moment onwards, my life changed. I had thought about joining for a while, but was worried that I wouldn’t be good enough. The “little voice” in my head was loud, filling my head with all sorts of reasons why I would fail. However, following my first session at Balance In Motion I knew something was different.

From day one I was coached on how to do things – never made to feel like a failure if I couldn’t. I was offered words of encouragement when I could do something, and gentle corrections if I couldn’t. That’s not to say it wasn’t hard. There were definitely some days where I didn’t want to go. However, I made a commitment to ME that I was going to do this for MYSELF, so I kept going.

In the beginning I would go to BIM and run 5K twice a week. As the weeks and months passed, I noticed a big change in how I moved, my strength, my endurance, and my moods. The “little voice” in my head that used to tell me I couldn’t or wasn’t good enough was finally learning to mind her business. It was an incredible feeling.

My weight loss and body change for the first bit was good. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for more, but I was feeling good. My clothes were fitting better, and I was more comfortable with my body. After a few months, I started going to classes 3 times a week and increasing my run distance. Then, I started to look at what I ate. I knew I ate fairly well, but—like many of us—was in denial that I needed to make change. Basically I didn’t want someone to tell me what to eat and when to eat it. However when it was my choice, it was an easy transition.

Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in things like burgers, chocolate, chips and beer. However when I do, I limit it. To be honest, I actually don’t crave it like I used to—shocking, I know. But allowing myself the option to still have it, makes me feel less deprived. I also never feel guilty for eating something unhealthy. I work hard and know that I deserve a treat now and than if I want.

The changes I’ve made have all been gradual, but working out has become a habit I crave. I love feeling good and looking good. The change in my body, my life and who I am has been remarkable! Now I train at BIM 3 times and run 8-10K 3 times per week. I still have days where I am not happy with myself, but I know that I am human and that that feeling will pass—and remember to take extra care of myself on those days.

Training at BIM has taught me to be accountable. On those days that I’m struggling to find the motivation to work out, I push forward. Getting myself to the gym because deep down I know that I will feel better once I get there. It always works.

I think my commitment to myself helped. I have learned that being selfish is sometimes necessary. If you’re making changes for someone else, you are not fully committed. You need to believe you are worth it, because you are. No one is perfect, but to be happy with yourself is a wonderful feeling – and everyone deserves to feel it. Don’t get me wrong, I still hear that “little voice” from time-to-time telling me that I can’t do something. Now I just know how to tell her to shut up.

I thank me for granting myself permission to take care of me. But I also need to give a HUGE shoutout for everyone at BIM. I honestly couldn’t have done what I have done, or be where I am without the encouragement of all the staff and clients at BIM. Andrea, Jen and Chad, you all are gifted trainers and the passion for what you do is clearly evident. I see the same drive in Mark and Andrei, and am glad they are a part of the team!

Thank you, thank you!!  You have all become my (BIM) family



Kelly dominating Pull Ups


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