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BIM Lab: Standing Hip Flexion Lift Off Hold

Want to improve your overall hip flexibility and function? The Standing Hip Flexion Lift Off Hold will help you improve your active hip flexion strength, stability and control which can help improve overall hip flexibility and function.

This exercise specifically targets developing the psoas group of the flexing leg while maintaining pelvic stability through glute activation/strength of your standing leg.


  1. Find a challenging height that you can still maintain good form.
  2. Make sure that you lift your knee up in a straight pathway, you may have the tendency to rotate your hip outwards in order to lift it. If that’s the case, simply reduce the height of your box until you can lift without compensating.
  3. Before you lift your leg create maximal tension in your whole body. This will allow you to better stabilize your trunk and pelvis so that you can better utilize you psoas to produce the movement.
  4. Keep your supporting leg straight, focusing on driving your heel into the group with your glute engaged.
  5. Hold each rep for 1-10 seconds and complete 2-6 reps.

We like to use this as part of our squat prep and/or accessory work to help develop squat and squat variation depth and motor control. If you would like personalized help with that, Contact Us. We’d be happy to get you in for an assessment.

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