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3 Neutral Grip Exercises with a Trap Bar

If you’ve been training at BIM, you may have noticed the hexagonal steel bar used to coach deadlifts…

The Hex Bar, also known as a Trap Bar, allows you to have a more natural/neutral hand positioning with your palms facing your hips.

Why should you care about a neutral grip? Not only does a neutral grip provide your working muscles with a new stimulus, it’s also easier on the wrist and shoulder joints.

Here are 3 exercises that you should try with a Trap Bar using a neutral grip:

1. Inverted Rows

This is a great variation of the Inverted Barbell Row because it allows you to increase your range of motion while pulling.
PRO TIP: Keep your chest proud and core tight.

2. Incline Push Ups

Again, a variation of it’s Barbell equivalent.
PRO TIP: Set the bar at a 45 degree angle so that both ends press firmly into the rack.

3. Stability Push Ups


This is an advanced variation that will challenge your balance, core strength and joint stability.
PRO TIP: During the push, try to keep both sides of the Trap Bar even.

If you have any questions about any of these exercises, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


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